YukiMi-Daifuku (LOTTE)

Dear Ice-cream lovers,

Again I introduce LOTTE’s epoch-making ice-cream, Yukimi-Daifuku.

It is supposed that all Japanese must have eaten Yukimi-Daifuku which is very unique shapes and material.

Yukimi-Daifuku is vanilla Ice-Cream wrapped by Mochi (Sticky Rice Cake in Japanese).

Daifuku is one of the most popular Japanese sweets. It is Azuki (Red beans. It is sweetened for Sweets) covered by Mochi.

This Yukimi-Daifuku is inspired by Traditional Daifuku. And LOTTE invented it by putting Ice cream instead of Azuki.

And “Tukimi” means “Moon Viewing” (Tsuki=Moon, Mi= Look  or watch). Traditionally Japanese have enjoying “Moon Viewing” especially Full Moon which is beautiful for Japanese.

Due to the shapes of Yukimi-Daifuku, this name of product is given.

You can find this all over the Japan (CV stores, Supermarket etc…) . It costs around USD 1.

Let’s have a nice Ice-cream time.

Coolish (LOTTE)


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LOTTE is one of the biggest Ice-cream manufacturers in Japan and well-known as Chocolate or Chewing gum manufacturer in Japan.

In 2003, LOTTE launched this very unique Ice-Cream, Coolish.


As you can see, the package is unlike any other Ice-cream. It looks laminated package of jelly type supplements.

And the Ice-cream itself is also very unique as it is mixed with micro-crushed ices.

How to enjoy Coolish?

To suck it but you cannot it just after bought it.

Please rub it softly and heaten it by your hand. It gradually gets softer and you can suck it.

Let’s get this unique Ice-cream, Coolish !

You can find Coolish in most of supermarkets in Japan and also CV stores(*).

(*) As I explained in last post, you can easily get Ice-cream at CV stores any time and anywhere in Japan. (See this post )

Mini-Stop to enjoy Ice-cream


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As you may know, in order to enjoy your life in Japan, it is very important to use CV (Convenience) store. CV store is a kind of  KIOSK in European countries but more like Super market.

The BIG-3 of Japanese CV store is Seven-Eleven(7-11), LAWSON and Family mart.

You can buy Ice-cream any time in these CV stores in any place.

But I recommend you to visit Mini-stop.

Mini-s top is not like other CV stores as they serve Soft serve (it called “Soft-Cream” in Japan). It cost around US$ 2only but very tasty.

In this season (Dec’18), you can also enjoy Matcha (Green tea) flavor as well as normal vanilla flavor. Moreover you can add Azuki(Sweeten Red beans).

It is the taste of Japan.

Let us try Matcha Soft serve in Mini-stop.

Nagomi Azuki (Haagen-Dazs)


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Nagomi Azuki (Haagen-Dazs)

(available in Convenience store like Seven Eleven, LAWSON, Family Mart and etc…)

Haagen-Dazs is one of the most successful brand and globally available.

But you can find more varieties in Japan as HD Japan launches lots of limited flavors.

And majority of Japanese HD is mini-cup size(110ml) .

This flavor is Nagomi Azuki. This is combined with 2 words “Nagomi” &  “Azuki”.

It is bit difficult to exactly explain what is this Japanese word “Nagomi” .  It is the feeling warm, relaxing and peaceful or released.

“Azuki” is sweetened Red Beans. Japanese people normally use boiled “Azuki” for Japanese sweets.

This “Nagomi Azuki” can make you “Nagomi” feeling by high quality “Azuki” flavor.

Let’s enjoy your icy life in Japan.

Do you Love Ice-cream?


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Welcome to Japan.

Seeing you reach this page, you must have an interest in Japan.


This is “Uncle Icy” who lives in Tokyo,Japan and I loves Ice-cream so much.

I enjoy 1 ice-cream everyday.  However there is a huge variety of Ice-cream in Japan such as


From my experience, I would like to introduce you a fine ice-creams only.

(by the way, I’m updating Ice-creams on Blog in Japanese -> you also can refer to this.

アイスは1日1個まで ⇒ https://1iceperday.blogspot.com/ )


If you find ice-creams in Japan based on my suggestion, it would be great for me.

From next, I would like to introduce ice-creams with high rating only.

Stay tune! Bye